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Milo's complaint against Virgin Media

Milo Madacky


[RESOLVED] - Failure to deliver services I've signed in for

Complaint against Virgin Media

I’ve signed in for Broadband AND a phone lineBut I only got half of it and then due to your inability to resolve the issue, I was expected to pay more for service I DID NOT SIGNED FOR. Not only that, I could not even contact you on the numbers I was given to, considering that I am not in a position to make phone calls as I still do not have a phone line. All attempts to resolve the issue have failed as I've been just ignored with false promises that someone will contact me and resolve the issue. Not only that, they expect me to be grateful that they do not charge me more for the service I did not signed in for, because they are not able to provide me with the service I did signed in for. They really suck.

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Virgin Media resolved this complaint

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Milo Madacky | | VERIFIED

All sorted after a long battle. It pays to reach to the people in charge. Thanks to Mr Tom Mockridge Chief Executive
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