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Louise's complaint against Virgin Media

Louise Houghton


Failure to warn of calls exceeding package limits, resulting in extortionate phone bill

Complaint against Virgin Media

I was a customer for over 15 years. Always paid on time. Never exceeded limits. I moved to a SIM only package in August and was advised to downgrade to a package with 1000 minutes. I then exceeded this in September (used phone for work without realising I had reached the limit). Virgin failed to inform me via text or email. They state they warn at 70%, 90% and 100%, but the first I was aware was a £271 bill. I called Friday and they disconnected the call. I called again and was told a manager would call back within 30 mins. I called 2 hours later and was told to wait. I waited 3 days and called again and was promised a callback within the hour. I called 24 hours later and was put through to technical. I called again and asked to cancel but was told I couldn't, and then they disconnected the call with a screaming high pitched noise on the line. I called again and finally reached a manager who told me it was my responsibility to check the Ts&Cs and the calls were legitimate, so I had to pay. He then agreed to lower the bill to £200, which I had to pay before I could cancel mine and my son's phone contract with Virgin. I don't understand how they can allow a customer to exceed the bundle limits without warning and I fail to understand how they can treat a loyal customer this way. The upgraded package, which would have covered the calls, would have cost an extra £2 a month! As it was, I paid an extra £260 for 500 minutes. I am a single parent, medically retired from the public sector due to a brain tumour. I earned £240 through freelance work last month after tax, which has gone to cover this bill. I gave now signed up with Three.

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Virgin Media failed to resolve this complaint

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Louise Houghton | | VERIFIED

Final bill lowered to £160 and I closed my account.
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