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David's complaint against Virgin Media

David Meadows


[RESOLVED] - house in disrepair so forced to move. New house can't get virgin media

Complaint against Virgin Media

Virgin want £240 to end contract. I am not moving because I want to and I'm not leaving virgin because I want to. It's not my fault virgin does not supply its services at the new house. The house is in disrepair and with 5 kids I am not willing to put any of my family at risk. When I rung virgin to move house I was on the phone for over a hour with no manager available to speak to I just got passed around,lied to and put on hold to be told the same thing.

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Virgin Media resolved this complaint

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Neil Ellis | | VERIFIED

report it to ofcom! they are currently investigating virgin for this.

David Meadows | | VERIFIED

A spokesman said was a big help and got this sorted for me. They spoke to Virgin and then I had a phone call from Virgin saying I did not have to pay the exit fee. Thanks A spokesman said
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