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Blake Huges Mcmillian's complaint against Virgin Media

Blake Huges Mcmillian Smith


I was charged £58 which has been sold to morcroft for a service I did not use

Complaint against Virgin Media

I took out a pre contract with Virgin Media in summer and I was told by the kiosk sales person I will be sent a sim Card to my address. I waited for over 2 months and no sim card was sent to me. Rather I was sent a broadband box which I never asked for. during this period I had already sent in a cancellation form stating I no longer want the service ( this cancelation was signed and sent off within the period stated in the form) after all this I was sent a bill of over a £100 pounds. I sent letter of complaints and included all the forms for cancellation and this issue was not resolved as I was told I could not be reached on the phone. then I sent other letters stating I wont be reached because I do not have a sim that the refuse to provide. we kept writing letters back and forth and at last I was asked to make a complaint through CISAS which I did and I sent all forms, cancelled contracts etc. and after all this CISAS said after seeing all paper work from Virgin, they feel Virgin did everything to resolve the issue hence my case will be closed and I should pay virgin. I feel this is not right as I did all the right thing as stated in the terms and condition. the debt has now been sold to Moorcroft and I keep receiving letters asking for me to pay for a service I did not receive.

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