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Jonathan's complaint against Virgin Media

Jonathan Fraser


Installers damage property and when challenged told my wife that she wouldn't understand

Complaint against Virgin Media

Virgin Media came to do an installation and decided that they were going to run the cable through our front door, rather than putting it through the wall like they were suppose to. When my wife challenged them on this, the two men patronisingly told her that she wouldn't understand, which is shocking considering this is 2015, not 1815. I've since had their work looked at by an independent party, who says my wife was completely right to challenge them. Worse still the cable running through my front door, has splintered the wood and it is now falling apart. When contacting Virgin Media on this mater through social media they were even more patronising, claiming that we must have misunderstood. I've since filled out a complaint form but very much doubt I'll ever hear from them. So my advice would be, don't use them. If you do, and I can't believe I'm saying this in 2015, don't let a woman deal with them because they will be rude and patronising to her and think they can get a way with doing a substandard job.

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