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Brian O's complaint against Virgin Media

Brian O Connor


Pathetic Virgin Media broadband speeds

Complaint against Virgin Media

Why does this company continue to rip people off with their unbearable slow broadband speeds. Most nights I am lucky to get 1 Mbps instead of 50 Mbps. Last night my speed was 0.2 Mbps which makes it impossible to open some web pages, stream live football or watch a movie without any buffering . This has gone on for over a year and despite numerous phone calls to customer service who seem to speak in a strong foreign language, Scottish I think it is. The fob you off with every excuse under the sun, try turning it on and off, walls too thick, wrong time of day, too far away from tv, (I use ethetnet to connect,) oh each time I call, we are doing an upgrade, in Feb, in June, in September, in November the most common one used is there are too many using the broadband at night???????? I am paying for 50 Mbps but they rip me off and take my money under false pretences. They get away with it because their advertising states, Superfast fibre speeds "UP TO" 50, 100, 200mbps. neatly slotted in. Up To means you have no chance of getting those speeds. The government needs to step in and fine these useless companies, especially Virgin Media. Brian O' Connor Area 1 Liverpool

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