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Mr Andrew's complaint against Virgin Media

Mr Andrew Mahoney


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Complaint against Virgin Media

I have a tariff of 5,000 minutes and unlimited text messages, and for this service the charge is 12 pound per month. However my first bill was and is 25.60, so I called virgin mobile phone and asked why the bill is over the 12 pound per month, of which the reply was as follows: A company has text me messages and the cost of receiving these messages are added to your bill. As you will appreciate I answered ' I had not asked then to text me so why should I pay for the texts that have been sent'. The reply back from virgin customer care was, 'you must have given then your number or signed up to receive the texts'. My reply was no I have not, so therefore why have virgin billed me for such a service I do not require'. Virgin repled back " virgin is not charging you the company who text you are'. Rubbish I replied back', and state why. The bill is from virgin so virgin are both the duty care holder of my account, as well as the company who is charging me. I went on to state that virgin are not in the business of billing on behave of an other company for free are they not, and as far as I'm concerned the bill is form virgin then virgin are the orgastrator of this type of billing cost to thier customer which in this case is me, as virgin are prepared to take onboard the billing process, therefore thier the owner of the bill, of which I never signed up for. What can I do in reference to this no contractual ongoings by virgin.

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