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Mary's complaint against Virgin Media



Refused to repair my mobile phone, even though it two mths with in the warranty.

Complaint against Virgin Media

I upgraded my phone on the 11th of April 2016, but within a month the phone started given me problem, when ever l received a call or make a call this phone will go dark also the phone gets quite warn when using the data, I waited a few weeks because I thought the problem will solve it self, I phoned virginmedia to complain about it, I was told to reboot my phone, if that doesn't work then I should call them back so they can send the phone for repair, which I admit it was quick, within days I got the return package,, which I used to send my phone back to them, by the end of the week they have sent the phone back to me, stating that phone is void warranty and I have to pay 79 pounds to fix it, and they tried to call me,i don't know how they could be calling me on a number without a phone, also I don't have a number ending with 613. According to them there's a number inside where you slot the Sim card, that number is missing, and I don't know anything about any number, all I did was to insert the Sim card, on the 4th of April I requested for a white phone which I was told there wasn't any, unfortunately the deal didn't go through, so on the 11th of April, when they asked me what colour do I want, I said white, this time they had white for me, for I know this white phone was a refurbished phone, that's why it's does not have the number they are looking for. Am not going to pay the money, if they are not going to repair the damage than I will stop playing. the contract is between two people, you give me the phone that work and am happy to pay but the phone doesn't I don't see the reason why I should pay.

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