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Gemma's complaint against Virgin Media

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Complaint against Virgin Media

I cancelled my account with them in march after an unforeseen circumstance meant I could no longer afford to pay the increased bill. (Which included an add on I had previously cancelled which hadn't happened). I asked for the final bill to be sent and that I would pay this off at £10 a month. I recieved a bill which I though was the final one and so I started to pay the amount off. I was sent another bill (still with the add on) so I emailed the complaints team as they wrote that my account had been put on suspension ??? I thought I had sorted it all out with their complaints team but after an email saying That it was sorted and as long as I didn't want to take the complaint further I was ok to pay £10 a month. Then I received another bill so rang the company AGAIN! And told them that this is still not sorted. The man I spoke to told me to ignore the bill and that I only owed £171 in total and I agreed that I would pay £21 and then £10 thereafter a month. I then receive a bill from a debt collection agency followed by another from virgin so I ignored them and continued to pay the £10 until today when I rang AGAIN! To find out why I was being sent debt letter for the sum of over £300 and also letters from virgin for over £400! Was told that my account was still active and that I was to pay them 157? But that he could only cancel y account one I had paid my bill or he could force a cancellation and I would be sent a bill for everything which I would have to pay in 35 days after waiting 21 days for it to arrive. I tried to explain that I had cancelled my account in march before there were any arrears and that these arrears were because of a fault at their end. I was met with rude and aggressive replies and I ended up flustered and upset and angry with the unhelpful and unwilling customer service representative who I ended up shouting at and putting the phone down on. Never have I ever been treated this way by a company that is apparently dedicated to customer service. I'm am now warning anyone and everyone about virgin media and the way that I have been treated and I will never use any of their products or services again!!

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