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Louisa's complaint against Virgin Media

Louisa Lanza



Complaint against Virgin Media

I first joined Virgin Media in my first year of university, where there were 8 of us In a house and the internet worked lovely. Then I moved and thought “Great! I can take my amazing internet with me”. Let me assure you AMAZING IT IS NOT! Everyday one of my housemates or I have to turn the internet on and off to get it to work - lets not forget that the whole time it says its connected when infact it isn’t, I call you and you say its fine and you turn it on and off from your end and then It works. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS! It should just work .. instead I wake up every morning and have to turn it on and off! £36 we pay for this service and its rubbish! I remember a call I made to you that lasted 40 minutes (after the previous person hung up on me) and he assured me he knew what the problem was and it wouldn’t happen again and LOW AND BEHOLD, it happened again no more than an hour later! This is a letter ive sent to their complaints department, we are not paying th e £51 . ive paid more than that calling them!

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