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Natalie's complaint against Virgin Media

Natalie Markey


Unsecured Password and Fraud

Complaint against Virgin Media

While I was in work, My 15 year old son took a sales call at home from Virgin Media, to upgrade my account and just notified by virgin he also signed me into a further contract. I have called to inform Virgin that I shouldn't pay the increased upgrade on my account due to the above and I wish to have the recordings of the call as they have stated I authorized this call. The first manager who was in the Philippines that this will be done regarding recording and can take up to around a week. I called back to make a payment as couldn't even watch standard channels as a box over screen . To I confirmed that they are getting the recording and the gentleman wavered all charges and i made a good will gesture so my children can watch tv. Again this weekend the box came back up and I hadn't received any call for around 2 weeks. I called and asked to speak to a manager who stated there was no record of me asking for the call log ? even if they did its irrelevant as due to my son knowing the password he is able to do anything with my account. So what they are saying if a fraudster stole my pin number and used my bank card its not fraud. I never gave my agreement ? my name is on the account and any upgrades or renewals should only ever be authorized by myself. To now be advised the likelihood that any of my calls are record is slim and we have no notes to what you are saying , so I as the customer is lying. My frustration is over whelming as I have called to try and resolve and I have been mislead to information on each 4 calls and then none of my notes match what information was given to me. to then I ask how do I resolve this mess as I wish to come away from Virgin as the stress is extreme for being treated in such a way. I was informed If I make a payment I can then cancel contract , I couldn't call again due to the stress I was feeling , Made payment and then was advised that while my son was on the call he didn't just upgrade me he extended my contract ?? I wasn't even in contract as I had used there service for over 24 months and I had no intention of placing myself back in a contract. Any advise please help. I am taking this to the ombudsman

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