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Aaron's complaint against Virgin Media

Aaron Powell


Very poor standard of service all round

Complaint against Virgin Media

I moved into my current property on the 1st Sept 2016, I informed VM of my move date and request to transfer services on the 2nd August in order to not have disruption to my service. I called again on 17th August when they informed me that the needed permission from the landlord to install a line to the property and requested the landlords details to make the request. I received no update and the landlord didn't receive a request. I called a further 2 times to get an update when each time they requested for the same details I had already given. My landlord still didn't receive a request until the 13th September which she immediately granted permission. I was then given an install date of 28th September for broadband. I started uni on the 19th September and have been forced to spend £30 on mobile data in order to keep up with uni work. The engineers came on the 28th as agreed and assured me that the line was installed and would be active within half an hour of them leaving. 2 hours later and the Internet still wasn't active. I then called customer service again to reslove the issue when they assured me that my services would be active within a maximum of an hour. After another hour and 45 minutes I was forced to call them again as there was no change; they told me that it was a failed install and that they would have to arrange an engineer to come and visit again. I have taken the day off work today to get this sorted and all virgin have done is waste my time. It has been 8 weeks since my initial request to transfer my services (4 without broadband) and they expect me to be paying for this period. This is absolutely not an acceptable standard of service that I would expect from a company that I have been with for years and who have just fobbed me off at every given point. I still don't know when I will be connected and was relying on this being sored weeks ago.

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