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karen 's complaint against Virgin Media

karen koziol


virgin mobile have badly let me down

Complaint against Virgin Media

Over a week ago now, I received on request a new Sim card for my phone to change to a cheaper tariff agreed by Virgin to save me money. I spoke to a member of staff asking which sim card to press out of the card frame,I said there were 3 cards and she said choose the last one, the 3rd card with its frame, It was the smallest. I followedher advice put the sim card in. I thought it was odd, really as taking it out again was a nightmare. I couldn't remove It, I had no option but to remove the small card with a tip of a pen. It was difficult to do. Finally when removing the sim card, the card with a struggle which normally doesn't happen with the correct size sim card; I noticed then that the small gold coloured prongs/teeth you can call them were all loose. My phone would not work. I was shocked and furious that I had been given the wrong advice and now I left with a dead phone. No connection. Nothing. I have over the past week have made several calls to Virgin , and got nowhere. I don't think they listened as the problem remains unresolved, I even spoke to the management and he said to use my insurance and pay the excess of £30.00. I said no why should I and that it should be wavered. I said no so I am still without a phone. I even contacted chat this morning, explaining all of the situation to him,, Nelson is his name, and he agrees completely with me and said to complain again to Virgin giving me the number which I have used already on Saturday just past. He also said the team should reduce my billing of some sort to have it reduced or not to pay it. Overall, I know I have been treated unfairly and let down by Virgin Mobile. I have a year left on my 24 month contract and I would like some compensation from them for all the upset and inconvenience with no phone. This will be my 3rd phone if I get another from them, don't have much choice, as I am on contract. My first two, an awful phone, IMO, a grey colour, broke down so I said on this occasion I would like in fairness to have a different make altogether, and they agreed on that. So please can you help solve this dispute as soon as possible. I have missed txt and calls, one for reminder for a hospital appointment I have waited 3 months for to see a surgeon for a forthcoming operation. Luckily I checked hospital about confirming I would be there next day, I need a phone if I have a fall and hurt my leg which need to be careful with. Hope you can help.

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