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Alan's complaint against Virgin Media

Alan Samuels


Virgin disconnected my phone from service, and deleted the number from their records.

Complaint against Virgin Media

In October 2014, I discovered that I was unable to use my phone. On contacting Virgin, they told me that because I only used the phone very occasionally, in accordance with their terms and conditions, they had disconnected my phone from service. The phone was now useless, as it would not work either with a Virgin Sim card, or one from another supplier. I started a complaint through Resolver, but got nowhere, as when it reached the mediation stage, Virgin informed the mediator that they had evidence that I did not own the number, and probably never had. At which point the mediator company advised that they were not prepared to proceed. There was £15 of credit on the phone, which I asked Virgin to repay, and I also asked them to pay £70 for the cost of a new phone, which they refused. I bought the phone from a third party, and did not sign any agreement to enter into a legal relationship with Virgin, nor was there any indication in the literature provided that a legal relationship would be entered into when I used the sim card. It is therefore my opinion that not only do the terms and conditions breach the Unfair contract terms legislation, but that their actions were unlawful. It would be most appreciated if you could help me resolve this matter, and obtain the money owed to me. Alan Samuels

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Virgin Media failed to resolve this complaint

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