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Rowland's complaint against Virgin Media

Rowland Bromilow


Virgin Media:- The Most Unsatisfactory Service Provider

Complaint against Virgin Media

We have now had eight months of abysmal Virgin Media service with bad connections, signal drop outs, resetting equipment every two days, speeds of less than 1mbit/s, trainee engineers who just make everything worse and customer service who make no attempt to solve anything. For example:- it took me 6 months to stop paper billing which we hadn't asked for in the first place but they were happy to keep charging me for!!! They never did answer this complaint!!! Probably because I suggested compensation!!! I have told them if they can't provide the service they advertise then they are in breach of our contract and we obviously need to go to a proper provider like Talk Talk or back to Sky who are ten times better overall. At least they do try and fix faults, unlike Virgin who have done precisely NOTHING!!! Or to be precise have only succeeded in making it WORSE!!! . This meant that Our children are constantly complaining about connection issues and no signal and have been begging me to ditch Virgin and go back to Sky. This might not have been the fastest but at least is was consistent. At least Sky had better customer service and made more effort to to provide a service. Virgin meanwhile just try and keep you locked in a contract while providing you with a dismal service. In order to resolve my issue I want Virgin to send an experienced engineer instead of the trainees we usually get. Plus a full van of spares they are going to use to fix the issues! Perhaps then, we might have half a chance!!!.

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