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Allan's complaint against Xinion Limited

Allan Stokoe


Taking money from Vodafone for a service that I never signed up for or used

Complaint against Xinion Limited

Xinion have claimed over £800 from Vodafone and Vodafone have passed those charges on to me. I have on a regular basis received numerous emails from Xinion and when they first started to arrive I treat them as unsolicited mail and sent an unsubscribe message to them. The emails kept coming and when they did I simply deleted them thinking nothing of them other than thinking that should I wish to reply I would be charged. How I would be charged was not considered important as I never did nor did I intend to reply to the emails as I am in my 70’s and such things are nit what I want to be involved with. It was not until I was to update my phone that Vodafone advised me of these charges My immediate response was to ask Vodafone to put a block on this and any other unsolicited premium charged emails. This they did and Vodafone contacted Xinion on my behalf and talked to someone who said that I contacted them they would repay the money. I contacted them and they said no I had a legally binding contract with them! Can anything be done to reclaim my money or have I just become another victim.

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