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Lynn's complaint against Vodafone

Lynn Ferguson


3 Phones in 5 months, same issue

Complaint against Vodafone

I am extremely unhappy with the service I have received from Vodafone. I entered into yet another contract with them on 24th January 2015 for a further 2 years (I've been loyal to Vodafone for around 10yrs). I got an HTC M8 mini and within a couple of weeks it stopped working. I took it into a store and got a new handset as a replacement. Within a few months the replacement stopped working (same fault) and was sent away. When I collected it they said "it couldn't be fixed or would take too long" so they gave me another replacement. A couple of days ago this stopped working, my third phone in 5 months. I would like a new alternative brand/model of phone. I've had three HTC M8 mini's and they have all had the same fault. I don't see the point in sending it away again, if they couldn't fix the same fault before, why could they do it now? I also don't want another one as I believe it will happen again and I've lost confidence in the phone which I rely on for my work. I don't have the time/patience to continually go to the Vodafone shop to sort it out and it's a massive inconvenience for me when it's broken/away for repair and to use other phones all the time. Your staff keep saying I have to send it away for repair again and that it has to be sent away three times before a new model is offered. This is completely unacceptable to me. Essentially I could end up going through another two phones before I'm given a different phone, bringing the total to five phones. Every time it breaks, I have to back things up, have it sent away and learn to use a courtesy phone (previously the store didn't even have one to give me so I had to change the sim over in order to use my old handset with a different sim size) I'm tired the enormous inconvenience to me whilst continuing to pay my bill IN FULL every month. I'm currently waiting to hear back from someone and my phone has lost more functions. Yet again I'm being inconvienienced and they get back to me when it suits them. If I bought a top and it went into a hole and then I got a replacement and it did the same, I wouldn't expect the third or fourth or fifth to be any better. The phone isn't fit for purpose and I would like, as a loyal customer, a new brand/model phone for the other year and a half of my contract. I feel that anything else is not acceptable. I'm also concerned that my 3rd and most recent broken phone was not new but reconditioned. After I got it, I went to a coffee shop to use their wifi and it said "Hello Rhys" on the screen. I would like this issue resolved asap. As I've stated, I use my phone for work and to be without it or unable to use certain functions is highly inconvenient to me.

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Vodafone failed to resolve this complaint

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Lynn Ferguson | | VERIFIED

They finally admitted that the situation 'wasn't great' but I have to send it off AGAIN. If it can't be repaired I’ll get a different phone which is 'not something they normally do and is good will'?! Got £50 in compensation which is the only offer I've had since my initial complaint. Even then - was only after I pointed out it costs me to drop off/pick up phone and I've paid my bill every month yet couldn't get full use of the phone. Definitely leave when contract is up.
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