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Ellen's complaint against Vodafone

Ellen Jones


[RESOLVED] - 5 months and bailiff threats before contract finally being cancelled!

Complaint against Vodafone

I terminated my contract with Vodafone in July this year. When I rang to terminate the contract I asked if I owed any money on my account and was told that my final bill had been paid. A couple of weeks later, I received a text from Vodafone to say that my final bill was outstanding and to to say that my final bill was outstanding and to ring to pay the bill. I rang the number that was provided and was asked to enter my mobile number, as I was no longer a customer the system did not recognise my phone number and I was unable to go any further. I then went onto the Live Chat as that seemed to be the only way that I could contact Vodafone to resolve the issue. I spoke to someone on the Live Chat and they told me that the message was an automated message that had been sent and that my final bill HAD been processed before I left Vodafone. I was told to ignore the message and that the system would update and realise that I was no longer with with Vodafone. As far as I was concerned the matter was closed. Some weeks later, I received another message saying that my bill was overdue. I contacted the Live Chat once again and had to go through the whole story again-this is very inconvenient over the Live Chat as you are only allowed so many characters per message and the people I and the people I spoke to did not fully understand what I was saying. When I spoke to someone this time I was told that my final bill had been processed very close to the date that I had cancelled my contract and that I owed £18. I was told to ring up and pay over the phone. I explained, once again, that I could not get through over the phone because my number was no longer registered with Vodafone. The person I spoke to did not seem to know what to do and I was then asked to speak to another member of the team. When I spoke to this member of the team I was told that I owed over £34 on my final bill due to late fees- which had incurred as a result of the misinformation that Vodafone had given and therefore were not technically my fault- and premium messages that had been sent. I asked how I could pay the bill and once again I was told to pay over the phone. After explaining several times that I could not do this, the employee finally gave me an account number and sort code for Vodafone that I could pay the £34 to, this was in August and again, I thought the matter was closed. On 1st November, I received a letter from Vodafone to say that if I did not pay the outstanding £34 that was owing on my account that bailiffs would be turning up to my house to settle the matter. As you can imagine, I was very distressed upon receiving this letter. I actually managed to find a telephone number (after much searching) where I could speak to a human employee to explain the situation. This employee verified the Live Chats that I had been involved in and told me that I would have to go to my nearest Vodafone store with a copy of my bank statement showing that I had paid the bill so that my account could be cleared. This again was inconvenient as I work long hours through the week and the nearest store is 30 minutes away. I went into the shop, showed my bank statement and the account was cleared. Since this has happened, my partner and I have applied for a mortgage which was approved in principal at the end of October and since the mortgage proceedings have officially gone through it has been declined based on poor credit rating on my part which is down to the numerous errors that have been made by Vodafone. I went into the store again on Saturday (17th December), and was told that they could do nothing in store and that I would have to write a letter to resolve the matter and to ask for the black mark to be removed from my credit score. The whole issue has been a complete nightmare, it has caused me stress for the last five months and has caused disruption to the mortgage application that I had put in for. I am aware that this sort of thing has happened to several people upon trying to leave Vodafone and I am quite disgusted with the whole matter. Many thanks for your time, Ellen

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Vodafone resolved this complaint

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Ellen Jones | | VERIFIED

Thank you to aspokesman said! Brilliant service! Never using Vodafone again!
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