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Danny's complaint against Vodafone

Danny Wild


[LAPSED] Being charged after cancelling

Complaint against Vodafone

I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by Vodafone, I cancelled my contract in February, paying a sum of around £ 112, followed by £11! I was told that this was this last bill that I would ever have to pay and therefore my contract would end at the end of the month. I was also told that due to being overcharged Vodafone had credited my account with £36 which I never received ! 6 months down the line I get a letter from zengroup claiming I owe Vodafone over £200 ! After explaining to zen group that I had payed all outstanding bills, and sending them bank statements proving this not to mention the fact that when I cancelled I had 2 people listen into my conversation with Vodafone and they can both confirm I was told by a Vodafone employee that I owed Vodafone nothing at all but In fact they owed me £36, zen group decided I was correct and that they would no longer be dealing with this as Vodafone were in the wrong. I have noticed various newspaper articles and internet articles about Vodafone overcharging people once they have cancelled their contracts. Low and behold I get another letter off Vodafone last week claiming that they will report me to credit score system if I failed to pay this bill. This is bordering on harassment now.

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Lapsed. Danny has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Danny, So my team can look into this for you, please contact us at vdfn.co/E195. Thanks, Phil
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