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Edward's complaint against Vodafone

Edward Miles


[LAPSED] Business Broadand and Telephone line shut down

Complaint against Vodafone

To whom it may concern, We were/are an existing client of Vodafone, and continually had to calling them to re-organise our business mobile contracts as we kept on receiving extremely high bills. We managed to get through to a very helpful chap who was able to give us a new contract with a much a better deal. Whilst on the phone the gentlemen mentioned about broadband and I thought this would be a good idea. So, I requested to switch our business broadband and telephone line from Sky to Vodafone on the 20th February 2018. Everything started to plan, however on the afternoon of 22nd February our business telephone and internet went off. I rang Vodafone who sad it was a normal process and can take up to a day for it to become live again. OK, fair enough I understand. Friday afternoon comes, and nothing has happened, Saturday, Sunday and still nothing despite numerous telephone calls. Then I am told that our business telephone number has been shut down and we would not be able to recover the telephone number. This is when I started to get incredibly stressed and anxious and this our business telephone line, which is sign written on all of our haulage vehicles, company cars, letterhead, business cards, website and various recent marketing campaigns including flyers etc. Vodafone proceeded to blame sky, sky informed me it was Vodafone neither of them were willing to talk to each other due to "data protection". So, I spent over 6 hours each day calling between the two companies, I got no where. Vodafone said there was nothing that can be done to get my number back and continued to blame sky. I managed to call BT to ask for "advice", they informed me it was Vodafone's fault, they also informed me that I can get my buiness telephone number back through BT Openreach. Again, Vodafone denied this, and informed me I cannot get my business line back. Then suddenly Vodafone called mea few days after to tell me they had made a mistake and they can get my business telephone line back. To cut to the chase our business telephone line was down for 10 normal working days, 2 Saturdays which we work, and 2 Sundays which we do not work. Our business heavily relies on our telephone. We are not a large company, and our revenue for this period was down by circa £15,000 compared to last year. Like any business a contract for £10,000 could call up, or a contract for £100 could call up, we cannot guess what we have potentially missed out on. As I see it the fairest way to calculate compensation for loss of revenue would be to work out our total revenue for last year (£220,000) then divide that into a daily rate, which works our to be approximately £700 a day on a 6 day week. We have large overheads to pay and I have had numerous sleepless nights due to stress and anxiety of not being bale to fulfil contracts and pay my staff. We filed a complaint, no-one got back to us for weeks. Then they got in contact and offered £40.00 to try to resolve the issue, their calculation was based on approximately 14 days of their service not used and small amount extra. I declined this offer. I was then informed I would get a letter within 7 days detailing how to move this case forward to the ombudsmen. This letter never came and now we are approximately 3 months down the line. Further to the above we have had numerous bills from Vodafone because we we used too much data, which I informed them I had no choice to use because I had to "hot spot" the entire office from our mobiles due to not having a telephone line or internet connection they informed me i would be able to get this reimbursed and someone would be in contact, this also has not happened.. I really want to sort this out in the best way possible, and without any further issues or undue stress and would be incredibly grateful for your guidance.

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Lapsed. Edward has not responded in 90 days

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Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Edward, So we can investigate this matter further, please email us via this form: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/contact-form/ To access it, just copy and paste the link above into your web browser and enter the code EFT195. Once sent, you'll receive an automated reply with a reference number. Post it on here and I'll check I've received it. Kind regards, Lee Vodafone Social Media

Edward Miles | | VERIFIED

Thank you kindly for your message, I have done what you mentioned, however it has not given me a reference number.

Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Edward, If our automated reply hasn't arrived in your junk or spam folder. Email us with a contact number only at [email protected] and quote the code EFT195 in the subject line. Kind regards, Lee Vodafone Social Media
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