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Renann's complaint against Vodafone

Renann Jesus


Can't collect my order because they can't find it inside the store.

Complaint against Vodafone

I'm really frustrated with the Vodafone local store in Guildford. One week ago I bought an iPad Pro online and decided to ask to delivery at Vodafone Local store. After 3 days I received an Email saying that I could go to the store and collect it. First time I went there they said they could not find my order on the system and said I had to call customer service and find out my account number. Ok, so I came back home and phoned customer service and they sent me the account number by email. Second time I went there with the account number. But they could not find the iPad at store and said to me comeback next day. So I did it. Third time at the sotre. I gave them my account number and my details and after 1 hour waiting they said: We received your order 3 days ago, our staff signed for it but we can find it inside the store. We have to investigate what happened then we will call you to come and collect it. Then I said: I completely understand that Something happened and now the ipad is missing. BUT it is not my fault. Can you Replace it with another one from the sotck. I need it to take to university and to work with it. Manager replied: I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. You have to wait till we find out what happened then we will Call you to come and collect. It's been a week now and still don't have the ipad and no one called so I decided to call customer service and explain whAt is happening. So the person I spoke from customer service said that he would try to call the store and talk to the manager. 2 minutes later waiting he told no one at store was answering the phone and then he asked to go to store and ask the staff from the local shop pick the phone. I can't believe it. He asked ME (Customer) to go to store and ask the manager to do his job. Unbelievable. I just gave up. I don't know what to do. No iPad, no money and very frustrated. I need to do a project using the ipad and finish it by Friday but I can't because they can't find it inside the store. First time ordering from Vodafone and so far all I can say is that I regret my decision. What make me feel upset is that English is not my firts language so they know I'm not from here and they treat me like I don't deserve their attention and I have to accept everything they say.

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Vodafone failed to resolve this complaint

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Renann Jesus | | VERIFIED

Worst customers service ever.
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