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Fiona's complaint against Vodafone

Fiona McKenzie


[RESOLVED] - Can't get a PAC code

Complaint against Vodafone

My 74 year old uncle had his voicebox removed last year so is unable to speak and only uses his old mobile phone to text. His wife called vodafone to request a PAC code so he could switch to another network which will save him some money and they would not speak to her despite the fact that she could answer any security questions they asked. We went to the nearest vodafone store and were told to try online chat....like a lot of 74 year olds, he doesn't have a device to get on the Internet nor the knowledge to use it if he did. I attempted to go online to chat to see if I could get a PAC code for him. I explained the situation and was told they would issue one within 24 hours. Nothing received. I then made a complaint on the shocking 'service' received and requested a PAC code again. Uncle got a text apology and I got an email about how we could download apps to 'help'. Uncle's wife called again today to chase for the pac code and was advised to get a power of attorney but there is nothing wrong with husband faculties just his phone provider! Was going to recommend citizens advice but then remembered this site. Please help.

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Vodafone resolved this complaint

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Fiona, I do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused towards yourself and the family. So our team can take a further look and help, email us directly here: http://vdfn.co/E195 Fill in the form using your uncles details, but yours or your uncles partners contact number. We'll then be in touch to advise on how we can help. Thanks, VodafoneUK

Fiona McKenzie | | VERIFIED

They managed to speak to an advisor who had a modicum of common sense and was able to givmve them a pac code. Thwy are now in the process of switching suppliers.

Fiona McKenzie | | VERIFIED

Finally a resolution
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