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Ieaun's complaint against Vodafone

Ieaun Owen



Complaint against Vodafone

they rung me offered me an ipad no upfront cost - just a one off £20.00 payment on my next bill and then from there £27.20 p/m manager came on phone to authorise it - agreed everything was sorted went through T&C's on the call everything - rung them the next day to check if was still fine as missed 2 calls - i was told no the offer is not valid i havent paid my bill from the 3rd - so it was cancelled - although on the call when it was agreed i was told i had accumalated this offer and was told everything was fine - they then offered me £5 as a "Goodwill Gesture" and said they have flagged it that im not happy and the agent Agreed that they should honour their mistake - why would you offer something to a customer before checking if it is actually avaialable? terrible customer service by vodafone which i have never had off them thus far

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Lapsed. Ieaun has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Ieaun, Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may of caused. We hope that once 3 clear bills have been and gone, we'll be able to get the line added to your account. Thanks, Vodafone Social Media Team
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