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Kayleigh's complaint against Vodafone

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown


[LAPSED] Excess data charges

Complaint against Vodafone

My bill and contract should be £7.50 per month, I have received a bill for £132.50 for excess data usage which I was not aware of and just found out I have no usage cap on my account

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Lapsed. Kayleigh has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Kayleigh, We do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. So we can take a further look into your account, and for data options, please contact our Live Chat team here: vodafone.uk/2c2Y1uD Thanks, VodafoneUK

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown | | VERIFIED

I have already spoken with 2 phone advisors, one of which was very rude. How can the webchatcteam help me better with my bill?

Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

There are options to set up payment plans, if the amount maybe too much to pay in one go. There's also the option to look into increasing your data allowance, to stop this problem happening again.

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown | | VERIFIED

I have done his already but didn't expect you to let usage get this much, the tablet is for a child I expect some kind of cap on this, oi shouldn't have let my bill get this high, all my other devices with other companies stop me using the device if the allowance runs out, why don't you?

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown | | VERIFIED

Sorry *you shouldn't have let my bill get this high

Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Texts alerts are sent once the data usage is close to being reached, and also when it's been exceeded. However we're unable to send a text alert with the device being a tablet. We always advise keeping constant track of your data usage, especially if it's not being used by yourself.

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown | | VERIFIED

so I'm expected to constantly check so you don't charge me so much? I'm a single mum and gave 2 jobs I really don't have the time to check things like this, please explain how you can even justify letting my bill go over so much? Is it not good customer service to stop the access of your services at a certain point? At what point would you have stopped this? Would you let it get to £1000?

Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Again, we do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Due to no settings and caps being added by yourself, the service is used and charged at the will of the user. That's why we advise and provide multiple ways to check data and general usage, on both yours and members of the families accounts.

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown | | VERIFIED

No settings or caps being added by myself? What options were there? An apology isn't going to help with a bill I can't afford to pay, I cut my contract to £7.50 as this is all I could afford, is there nothing you can to to help towards the bill?

Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

The free My Vodafone App is a great way to have live updates on the usage of your account, which is also where you're able to add a data cap to the line. To look into your bill, we'll need to access your account. Please email our team here: http://vdfn.co/W165 so we can do so. Thanks.

Kayleigh Hilton-Brown | | VERIFIED

I was told I wasn't able to add a cap onto my account?

Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Our team will be able to take a look into your account, and explain more on this with the email link provided above. Thanks
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