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Anne louise's complaint against Vodafone

Anne louise Carpenter


[LAPSED] Faulty phone

Complaint against Vodafone

My sons phone Samsung s6 which is in immaculate condition has stopped working. Just gave a black screen and it now has a blue dot permanently stactic on it. We have tried all the suggestions. I then reluctantly phoned Vodafone. First some info - I'm a bedridden lady and currently very ill and top it off have a tooth abscess. My son is physically disabled and is autistic. He rarely leaves the house. When he does he has his phone. He won't leave without it. So I phone Vodafone and I've been with them a very long time. They 99.9% of the time have been fab especially with my financial circumstances at the moment. Now I've explained to the lady that I cannot leave my house. It's impossible. We don't have anyone who can take it either. She said I have two options either a) someone takes his phone and he waits for the repair. Or b) we go to the store and they give him a loan of a phone and he gives the broken phone in and goes back a few days later for the repAir. When I asked about why can't they loan a phone and pick the broken one via the same courier she replied they only do this for 30 day exchange new customers. I explained how it's impossible for me to get to the store and my sons having a meltdown as we use the phone to communicate my needs so he doesn't have to run up and down the stairs. So the lady then tells me to use my insurance to claim for the fault. I said I'm sorry but I refuse to pay my excess fee and lose my 5 years no claims bonus for something that's a) still in warranty and b) not my fault. I also explained that this is discrimination against disabled and sick people because if they can't get out they are stuck with a broken phone and still paying a contract. I then revised my knowledge of the consumer sales act 2015 and my statuatory rights state that I am entitled to a repair or replacement and if that is incovdninjdg I've now been put through to customer service who are telling me that they cannot arrange for DPD to do an exchange because they are in another country which I've explained is rubbish as all it takes is the push of a computer key. I've been on this phone 45 minutes. My stress levels are sky high when I'm meant to be staying Calm. How can a company as big as Vodafone not have a policy available for their more vulnerable customers.its ridiculous that they don't and also why don't their staff who deal in these matters have knowledge of the appropriate laws? Surely it should be basic training. Sonow I'm stuck with my son having meltdowns and is upset because he was in mid conversation with his friend and he just disappeared. And I still have no idea how my son is going to get his replacement phone!

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Lapsed. Anne louise has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Anne, We do apologise for any stress and inconvenience this has caused. So our team can take a look into this, please email us directly here: http://vdfn.co/E195 Once done, our team will be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks
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