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Iain's complaint against Vodafone

Iain Ralph


[LAPSED] Have been waiting 8 months on a refund

Complaint against Vodafone

In September 2016, I tried to upgrade to a new phone. I made an error and ended up taking out a whole new contract for the phone instead of upgrading my current contract. I paid £100 upfront for the handset fee. I contacted the company straight away to let them know what had happened and was advised to refuse to accept delivery of the phone which I later did. Two weeks later, I got an email from Vodafone to say that they had received the returned phone and that I would be refunded shortly. Ever since, I have called the company weekly to request my refund but as of yet have had no actual payment however there have been plenty of promises. Furthermore, in January, Vodafone offered to compensate me for my loss of time due to the amount of calls I have made. This has also never happened. In January, I placed a complaint with Vodafone and they said they would return the money plus the compensation but again I am still waiting.

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Lapsed. Iain has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Iain, So we can take a look into this, please email our team on the link provided here: http://vdfn.co/E195 Thanks, VodafoneUK
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