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Alan's complaint against Vodafone

Alan Ward


[RESOLVED] - I was mis-sold a mobile agreement

Complaint against Vodafone

In March my two year mobile on my business account was completed and I contacted Vodafone to renew but in the express condition that my business number would be transferred to a personal monthly account. The Sales Person confirmed this would be possible and offered me a deal of, as far as I can remember, £25.50 + VAT which I was happy with. I further agreed to take out in my new personal account a mobile for my wife at an agreed rate of £10.50 per month inclusive if VAT. I was to be supplied with a new MS Lumia 950 and my wife a new MS Lumia 649. The phones duly arrived but trying to get them operational was an absolute nightmare and involved me talking to over 50 operatives over a period of over a week using approximately 12-15hrs of my valuable time. Note that it was agreed that my company business no longer required any phones as my wife and I wanted personal numbers as our bank offers free phone insurance. All of this was discussed with the Sales Person as our reasons fir staying with Vodafone and he gave us his email address so we could contact him if we had any problems, which we did but he never replied to any if our emails. After about ten days it seemed we both had working telephones. The whole experience was a nightmare and very stressful for both my wife and myself but it gets worse! I'm now working in Indonesia and after dozens of attempts to communicate with Vodafone, all they do is send me links which don't work from this location. The reason the nightmare worsens is that my wife advises me that we have been charged approximately £1050 against the business account which was closed in March and we simply can't afford to lose this amount. My wife cannot access the closed business account to investigate this matter which is no surprise. Over two weeks ago we wrote to the Chief Exec. at the Newbury HQ but the recorded delivery had neither been acknowledged or replied to. The whole experience with Vodafone has been stressful and very worrying, more so because I am out here and helpless to do anything.

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Vodafone resolved this complaint

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Alan Ward | | VERIFIED

Vodafone resolved all outstanding issues and have given us 6 month free rental for us both!
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