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Terri's complaint against Vodafone

Terri Cheahire


[LAPSED] My debt is going up every month even after agreement!

Complaint against Vodafone

I had a contract with Vodafone and got one for my mum I had been with Vodafone for about 8 years and always paid! Anyway my mum had used all her minutes and managed to get a 1400 bill!! I argued with them that this should have never got that high at all for them to offer me an option of paying rest of my contracts off over 6 months at £500 a month whilst my phone would be cut off also, I told the woman I was a single mum paying all bills and childcare that I couldn't afford it! And also was pregnant again! So we decided I would have to wait till it went to debt collectors then sort out a payment plan. I did exactly this and as soon as I had my letter through I rang up and made monthly payments arrangements on a 3 grand phone bill! I have been trying to improve my credit score to see that since beginning of this year it's going up every month by the bill amount it's now saying I owe over 12 grand!!! I've tried to contact Vodafone who say no it's only stated as 3 grand on there system but on the reports sites it says it can't be amended by them and that it's who the debts with! This is ruining me!

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Lapsed. Terri has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Terri, Please email our specialist team here: http://vdfn.co/wrt135 so we can help with this as soon as possible. Thanks, VodafoneUK
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