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Suzanne's complaint against Vodafone

Suzanne Cole


[LAPSED] Need a copy of my daughters phone contract as waiting to make a travel insurance claim. No response

Complaint against Vodafone

On holiday in July my daughter dropped her iPhone 5s 16GB down the loo. It is beyond repair. I had travel insurance and have been waiting two weeks to get a copy of my contract from Vodafone to say I own the phone. I have been in the Vodafone shop in my home town of epsom on two occasions and they have emailed Vodafone requesting proof of purchase. I asked for this to be emailed to me by today's date and have not received anything. Called complaints today who said I should have been told to ask for a proof of purchase form available on line. He said he was "shocked that nobody had told me this " I am not shocked. Have a troublesome history with Vodafone and recently left my account and moved to 02 due to a catalogue of issues. I feel Vodafone do nothing unless you go to the complaints ombudsman Operator (Jerome Case Manager in Belfast call ref is 4-9-17) has told me I will get this proof of purchase in the post this week. He has told me to wait 24-48hrs to get this Let's see!

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Lapsed. Suzanne has not responded in 90 days

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Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Claire, If this remains unresolved, email me via this form: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/contact-form/ To access it, just copy and paste the link above into your web browser and enter the code WRT135. Once sent, you'll receive an automated reply with a reference number. Post it on here and I'll check I've received it. Kind regards, Lee Vodafone Social Media
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