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John's complaint against Vodafone

John Forsyth


[LAPSED] Network connection

Complaint against Vodafone

Me and my wife are unable to use the 4G network in my home, to make clear calls or receive calls we have to turn our phones on to 2G, this problem has been going on now for over 4 months with more than 20 phone calls and many messages through the vodaphone app, promises of a gadget to be sent out to boost our reception, never turned up, managers calling back within 24 hours, also a visit for myself to the vodaphone store to get a new sim as advised, stories like the transmitter in your area might have a damaged cell, and others like there is a transmitter on private property with entry issues...

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Lapsed. John has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi John, We do apologise for nay inconvenience this may have caused. So we can take a look into this, email our team with the link provided here: http://vdfn.co/E195 Thanks, VodafoneUK

John Forsyth | | VERIFIED

Hi, I am tired of explainig this and getting nowhere, my mobile number is 07982243275 there will be plenty of information on my account if you take the time and interest to solve the problem

Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi John, The email link is so we can take your details securely, along with a brief out line of the issue. We'll then call you yo help find a resolution! Thanks,
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