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Sheenam 's complaint against Vodafone

Sheenam Jairath


[LAPSED] Not been able to set up a direct debit for over 16 months

Complaint against Vodafone

Vodafone have been refunding monthly charges for few months but problem still persists. No on e has taken responsibility to look up to issue to resolve. They just refund chatand then problem remains the same. Every month I receive threatening texts then no payment has been made and then get numerous phone calls. I work full time on long shifts hence can't answer their calls. They never call on agreed time or day. No ownership no consistency at all. Staff can be rude and very confused about your problem as not been able to read notes on the account. It's been really frustrating for over 16 months now. Thanks

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Lapsed. Sheenam has not responded in 90 days

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Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Sheenam, So we can investigate this further, email us via this form: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/contact-form/ To access it, just copy and paste the link above into your web browser and enter the code WRT135. Once sent, you'll receive an automated reply with a reference number. Post it on here and I'll check I've received it. Kind regards, Lee Vodafone Social Media

Sheenam Jairath | | VERIFIED

Will do thanks

Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Sheenam, Thanks for coming back to me. I've received your email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Kind regards, Lee Vodafone Social Media

Sheenam Jairath | | VERIFIED

Thanks for acknowledging the complaint Kind regards Sheenam

Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Sheenam, Thanks for your time last month. As promised, I'll check your account again on 18 January to make sure things are fully resolved. Kind regards, Lee, Vodafone Social Media

Sheenam Jairath | | VERIFIED

Hi Lee, Now I having loads of issues with Vodafone again just changing my supplier to plusnet and its keep coming with an message saying Sim not supported. I have tried several chats online, gone through few people and they are telling me different things. Eventually someone sent me a link on email to advise how to unuulock my phone and I have to wait 2 days before it can be unlocked.

Sheenam Jairath | | VERIFIED

Now I have no service I am stuck in work can't contact anyone. This I my worst nightmare. Hope you can help asap.

Sheenam Jairath | | VERIFIED

My friend has tried my new sim in her phone and it's working fine she is also with Vodafone

Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Sheenam, I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced further difficulties. I'll look into the issue regarding the unlocking of your phone and update you as soon as possible. Kind regards, Lee, Vodafone Social Media
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