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matthew's complaint against Vodafone

matthew lewis


[LAPSED] ongoing monthly charges for a phone i did not actually receive

Complaint against Vodafone

I decided to upgrade my phone last June/July (2015) and the order went through and i was told it would arrive in a few weeks. After a couple of weeks went by i still did not receive my mobile, when i contacted the Vodafone support team they had told me that it was successfully delivered. So when i disputed the delivery i was then told there was a warehouse issue and it was not dispatched, after a couple more weeks i decided to see what was happening i was told that it was definitely sent and there was no warehouse issue. This then went around for a few weeks with no-one being able to help me so when i told them i wanted to cancel the account but then i would have to pay a cancellation fee for a phone that i never received. After this i gave up and wrote them a formal letter of complaint telling them i wanted to cancel the account because of the treatment i had received. I got a call from Vodafone's Customer services apologizing for what had happened and that they would cancel my account, but its now been over a year and i have still been receiving bills and a couple of letters threatening me to pay the outstanding bills. The current total of the balance as of the 16/11/16 is now at £493.96

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Lapsed. matthew has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Matthew, I want to get one of my team to investigate this and find a resolution for you. Please contact us using the form on vdfn.co/E195 and we'll be in touch as soon as we can. Thanks, Phil
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