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Andrew's complaint against Vodafone

Andrew Brown


Upgrade Nightmare

Complaint against Vodafone

I have been a Vodafone customer for many years and when I decided to upgrade from my sim only deal to a new two year contract for an I phone XR the deal they offered me seemed very reasonable. I agreed terms and conditions over live chat from “my Vodafone mobile app” and all seemed good. However, a day or two later, I seen what I considered to be a better deal, so called Vodafone to cancel, all good up to now. Once I had looked into the other deal all was not as it appeared,so again, I called Vodafone to place an order. Having already been told my first order had been cancelled but my contract had not been cancelled, I ordered the same phone again. Confirming I was to keep the same number I have had for years and that the first order I had placed was indeed cancelled and I only had the one order placed, I received my new phone on launch day. Awaiting delivery I was receiving e mails with a number I did not recognise attached to it. I called Vodafone for confirmation that I was not been issued a new number and why was I receiving these e mails ? Don’t worry you are keeping your number, we are not sure why you are receiving e mails with a different number attached to it ? I obviously took there word on it and ignored the e mail correspondence I was receiving. Anyway, on receiving my phone two parcels were attached to each other. Not thinking anything if it I opened the first parcel and inserted the sim that was inside with the phone and started the set up to I-cloud etc. Low and behold once set up it was a new number. Not wanting to try and undo what I had already done with connecting my I-cloud to the new number I decided to keep the new number and cancel the old one. Inside the other parcel was a second phone and SIM card which I called Vodafone and explained the mistake and they said they would cancel my old number straight away A’s ultimately I was in two contracts now. I returned the other handset in to store and confirmed that my old number was cancelled. A bill was produced and taken from my account on the 6th November and I thought that would be it, however, my old contract was still open and had not been closed so I was still been billed for it. Many calls to customer services and live chats later I was constantly told different things every time I made contact with them. Call backs were supposed to have taken place which did not materialise and when I called them they stated I must have “missed there calls”. Eventually on the 25/11/2018 I spoke to a girl who went through everything with me and apologised for the misunderstanding and everything that had gone on. She calculated my bill which was to leave my account in the 05/12/2018 and stated that my old number and contract had been once and for all ended. December the 5th came and low and behold Vodafone have taken more out than what was agreed so I raised a complaint. On Friday 7th December I received a call back and was told the message I had received which I still have on my phone was sent in “error” and they apologised for that. How could that have possibly been sent in error ? I was speaking with the lady on the phone and I received the txt there and then and she explained that within the txt she had entered the exact amount that would leave my account on December the 5th. The whole thing has been a nightmare, I have spent hour upon hour on the phone and told different things all the time. Taking more from my account again left my anger, frustrated and wishing I could cancel the whole contract and go elsewhere.

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