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Vodafone cancelled deactivated my sim

Complaint against Vodafone

On 10th June 2019 i was having trouble with my mobile internet all day, So i decided to call vodafone customer service, i spoke with an agent who informed me to make contact their online chat team, so i done as asked. I spoke with an agent via chat about my issue and he made me go into my settings and type in information etc only to later realise that the problem was vodafone was doing maintenance in my area and this will be effected for the next 4-5 days. once i got off the phone I tried to make a call to my brother as it was his birthday, but i kept getting cut off, i looked at the message on my phone and it said, sim card 1 no provisioned, not knowing what that meant i contacted the vodafone chat for the second time. speaking with the agent he told me that, for some reason my contract had been deactivated by mistake and not to worry it will be working again within 25-30 mins. 30mins later i switch off my phone and remove sim and reboot, still nothing, i still can't make calls. i spoke to the chat team another 3 times that night trying to get this issue sorted but each time they would say don't worry it will be working within the next hour or so. Next morning i checked to see if it was working and still nothing, i gave it a few hours and spoke to someone in the chat who said the same thing again and still no progress, each time the agent would reassure me that this will be sorted, i asked the agent that if it isn't working this time can i go to my local vodafone store to fix it, he said yes they can do it for you but don't worry i have got you everything will be fine i have escalated this matter to my boss so don't worry. i decided to walk down to my local vodafone store after waiting and still no joy, i told someone at the store my issue and they said they don't deal with this issue, and said i can use their phone to call customer services. i spoke with the customer service team who said everything will be sorted before the end of the call 100% but by the end of the call he told me that it will be sorted by 6pm and that he will call to discuss compensation etc but 6pm came and still nothing that was on tuesday the 11th, today is now thursday the 13th and still no progress no email nothing i spoke to someone in the chat today who said it would be sorted by 3pm but still nothing. I have not been abled to goto work for 3 days as i need my phone for my job, i actually don't know what to do, i have bills to pay just like everyone else, i have spoken to the vodafone team numerous time they have escalated the issue to the manager and tech team but still nothing, i don't understand how hard it can be to reactive a sim, and still no progress, what can i do ?

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