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Linda's complaint against Vodafone

Linda Johnson-Bell


[LAPSED] Vodafone continued to charge me after account cancelled

Complaint against Vodafone

I was a miserable customer for almost ten years and had finally had enough. Communication with this company is near impossible at the best of times, so I was dreading the confrontation. On the 16th May 2016, I called and cancelled my account. I paid the amount I was told remained (£118), I gave them my new address, and I requested that all of this be confirmed to me in a letter. Nothing came. Months later, my husband is getting a mortgage and his lender flags up an unpaid notice for Vodafone of £321. I have called them and asked for the bills (they were still be sent to the old address, I saw), and I saw that the £118 was never deducted. They continued to charge me for June, July, and in August they cancelled (but they are saying that that is when I cancelled!). If you look at my bills, you see that there were no calls from me - just some weird charges and calls that are not mine and some VPN (?) calls. I had started a new 3 account months prior, so I know that the devices on that account were locked in my desk. Now I have to pay £321 to clear my credit score. Something stinks.

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Lapsed. Linda has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Linda, We do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. So we can take a look into this for you, please email our specialist team here: http://vdfn.co/wrt135 Thanks, Vodafone UK
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