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Ian's complaint against Vodafone

Ian Davidson


Vodafone keet taking payments after I cancelled

Complaint against Vodafone

I cancelled my account in good time last march but still they continue to bill me. I have called them many times and confirmed that the account is closed. I am unable to login to the online account as it doesn't work. I paid the additional accounts to prevent any further trouble but it seems that there is no way to cancel the account. I expect they will now pass my details to a debt recovery agency and damage my credit rating.

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Vodafone failed to resolve this complaint

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Ian Davidson | | VERIFIED

Eventually got a bill with the amount taken plus a matching refund and zero amount to pay. It is to be seen if I get another one next month the same or worse, an amount to pay. Really, its not worth it - no matter what deal they offer you this company is in chaos. Avoid.
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