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Kelly's complaint against Vodafone

Kelly Humphrey


[LAPSED] Wrongly charsingn me for later payment

Complaint against Vodafone

I have had problems with vodaphone for that past year ! Always phoned to let them know and was always given false hopes , I've had a number of problems such as .... - being over charged - I asked to change my direct debit day , was told it was done THREE times and it never was -because of the above I asked to cancel direct debit because I was getting charged they said they did then took money from my account - asked to speak to a manger was promised phone calls back that never happend -then spoke to a silicosis who took away late payment charges and said to NOT pay my bill while it is in query -spoke to some one else few months later and they still hadn't been through my recorded calls that they said would only take a week Because of not paying bills I lost service so just gave up on them , and now my contract is up they are demanding 700 points be of me and said I have 14 days to get in touch , I got in touch before the 14 days was up and they said they have already passed it to the collectors agency , phoned them up and they can't find my account so now I'm going to have a debt and a bad credit mark because of all of this !!! They always let me down and promised me things and didn't go through with them and now they expect me to pay for a service I haven't used for nearly a year !

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Lapsed. Kelly has not responded in 90 days

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Phil Wilson | | VERIFIED

Hi Kelly, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had with this. So we can help, email our team on the link provided here: http://vdfn.co/E195 Once done, we'll be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks, Cailen
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