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Arthur's complaint against Vodafone

Arthur Swinscoe


[LAPSED] Wrongly useing my name

Complaint against Vodafone

My son opened his Vodafone account in November In may my credit report went down 42 points for opening a new account recently with Vodafone well obviously I phoned them up to see what's going on they asked me for all my details and then told me the date of birth was wrong and they think I it's a fraud so switched the phone off and get a fraud case open. The following morning my son came around and said his phone had been cut off he phoned Vodafone and they said we can't talk to you it's in your dads name he told them it's in his name he's got all the paperwork I only use my dads bank account to pay the bill. So I got on the phone to them and the said I would have to go to one of there shops with I'd it's a 12 mile trip but because data protection they can't talk to me. ( I wish they adhered to data protection before they put my name on some else's account). Anyway did that phone back no end of times then ended up with 2 late payments on my credit report which ruined my mortgage application. Phoned them on many more occasions. One of there so called legal team tried to tell me they've made no mistake I had a credit check when I applied for the phone well I told her my son you did a credit check but I haven't had one and I can prove that well as usual she came out with I can't speak to you because of data protection and cut me of. Now months latter I've had a letter from balliffs there after £1000 I intend to sue Vodafone I want £10000 for there disgusting way they run there business I've got the letters they sent to my son welcoming him and his direct debit letter They blacklisted the wrong person and I will make them pay

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Lapsed. Arthur has not responded in 90 days

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Lee Saunders | | VERIFIED

Hi Arthur, So we can investigate this further, email us via this form: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/contact-form/ To access it, just copy and paste the link above into your web browser and enter the code WRT135. Once sent, you'll receive an automated reply with a reference number. Post it on here and I'll check I've received it. Kind regards, Lee Vodafone Social Media
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