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Bill's complaint against Unicom

Bill Seymore


Destroyed my business

Complaint against Unicom

decided to use their services WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE decided to use their services , got broadband at home and at shop and landlines and electricity at shop and two mobile phones , They then sent vastly inflated bills and plundered my bank account , had similar services before so knew what cost should be , believe should be billed around 1,000 gbp . however they wanted 12,000 pounds , they added many many hundreds in late charges and would simply not listen , they are ruthless bullies , I explained they were reading the wrong meter , however they insisted I paid , which I could not , so I stopped standing orders and stopped paying , they say I broke the contracts , erm no , I told them we could solve these issues , they sent fake county court summonses , and harassed me with bailiffs and debt collectors , then cut off all my services , because of them I had to finish my business and move losing many many tens of thousands of pounds in business , lost my phone numbers that i had advertised extensively costing me thousands more , even lost my email address (unsure how they did that ! ) They blighted my life , and I feel like I am in hiding because of their incompitence Never use them , they are scum , I even had to let an employee go Any good solicitors out there to help me fight for compensation ? formerly BBC-Antiques York , hey Unicom will see you in court !

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