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James's complaint against Pop Telecom

James Walmsley



Complaint against Pop Telecom

I placed an order with pop telecom for home phone and broadband in early september after many calls and emails i got an activation date of 27/10/17 my direct debit was set up and on 23/11/17 39.00 was taken from my account i received my router on 2710/17 plugged it in continuous red light no internet whatsoever spent over an hr on phone getting told to plug a laptop in and be spoken through instructions to reset router still nothing then basically told nothing they can do after another ten phone during the week of 30/10/17 to people who kept passing the buck and didnt have a clue i told them just to refund my money i was promised if i posted router back to them for reconfiguration and would be sent back return post first class i paid to return router recorded after 4 days still no router and no reply to any emails i spoke to female on phone who said signal not going through router i had to explain i had no router to be told they hadnt received the router after more emails and no reply router was delivered yesterday and again red light no internet after a long time on phone again today and taking ages to explain whole scenario again now told someone must have scrubbed all details from router and just pst it back again i paid almost 4 pounds to return last one and under no circumstances am i doing it again . I am absolutely appalled with this service and if they cannot send me a brand new router first class that does work then i want my full money paid straight back to my account which they were quick to take before contract even began .in total its been around 10 weeks and no internet and have spent an absolute fortune on mobile phone data.

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