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Lois's complaint against Pop Telecom

Lois Lloyd


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Complaint against Pop Telecom

I have been paying for fast fibre broadband since may of 2019. I have done nothing but ring them all the time saying that its so slow and we keep losing it! Only to be told that it could be your router or your line! 1 new router and 2 line checks for them to say it's all working! Well it wasn't!! Many more phone calls later to them i get told that an engineer will be out to look at my line!!! It's not my line that is the problem it's the broadband! The engineer said that we need a broadband engineer! So phoned them again spoke to a senior member of staff who said that he would phone for a appointment and would ring me back straight away!!! 4 days later no phone call!!!.... i am now left to find another broadband provider which i have managed to find! I have been paying £33.99 a month for a product that hasn't worked properly since having it i feel that the £211.00 for the cancellation fee and early termination that they want me to pay is very unfair!

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