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Kiran's complaint against XLN Telecom

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Complaint against XLN Telecom

I am contacting you as I am frustrated as the Business Phone Line service is no longer working. To explain this in more detail We have been a customer of XLN for many years. We are in the process of switching over to BT, switch over date is 15th November 2017. However our lines have been cut off early by XLN. Lines were not working on 7th Nov. We called XLN who informed us that that they could not test the line as there is a termination order on the phone service due to BT take over. They informed us that we would have to cancel the termination order for XLN to test the lines and put them back in working order. We asked that a divert be put in place. They agreed to place the divert. However on 9th November they inform us that the divert could not be affected due to the termination order. We are a small business and loss of telephone service is affecting us greatly. Are phone providers allowed to take small firms to ransom like this?. The service has not been working correctly since November 7th, 2017.

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