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Gary's complaint against Plusnet

Gary Wang


Appalling Customer service and Just as appalling ‘Sales’ Personnel

Complaint against Plusnet

My Letter to the 'Chief Executive' Plusnet Mr Andy Baker. There are Far, Far Better Internet / Phone Providers out there and it isn't Plusnet despite all there False Hype! Dear Chief Executive Mr Andy Baker. I called today to speak to some one in your sales team after my Contract with Plusnet had run out and Found a female ‘sales’ personal who said she was called ‘S’ treat me with Indifference and failed completely to show the ability to sell anything let alone prove helpful to a Loyal Customer. She refused to put me through to a Supervisor and would Not assist me Professionally so I had to hang up and try again. I called up to complain and asked for a Supervisor and was put on hold then after holding for some while the Male operative at your Customer service from Plusnet just Hung up and terminated the call on me for No reason. I had to call a third time and asked to speak to a supervisor who was Not forthcoming indeed I was only informed I should expect a call back who knows when? Eventually a Call back came from an Alleged ‘supervisor’ who sounded as if He has just left Junior school. Indeed all he would commit to and I quote was…. He said . ‘All I can do is put it forward as feedback!’ Nothing more absolutely deliberately Indifferent and utterly complaisant, Totally Unhelpful! So Sir so much for your advertisements that pretends to show a service who’s employees care, because clearly they could not Care Less where it comes to customer service and Sales of Your Product which clearly is Not the best deal out there and clearly Does not Value its Loyal Customer base what so ever.

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