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Iro's complaint against Plusnet

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Don’t expect customer service/compensation if signed up to a special offer

Complaint against Plusnet

Having signed up with plusnet based on positive reviews, I fail to see where these positive experiences have come from. I recently moved into a new flat and when calling plusnet, was told that there was no active line in the property. I knew that the previous tenants had not cancelled the line so thought this was surprising. I specifically asked whether this would be the case with all providers and was told no matter who I went with, I would need an engineer to come out to re-activate the line. This meant an additional £49,99 as plusnet would not wave the charge. After deliberating on this, I called back the next day and was again told that no matter which provider, the line was cut and an engineer had to come out. I made a point of repeatedly asking and they kept saying that yes, other providers were the same. Believing them at their word, I agreed to paying for the engineer, (even though Sky would have been cheaper) because I was willing to pay a little extra to have excellent customer service. Imagine my surprise to find that there was an active line!! The engineer was equally surprised, said it would be working with another provider and wasn’t quite sure why/how this has happened. When calling plusnet to report this, I was told that this was not their fault but that maybe sky had incorrectly registered the line as inactive. I explained that in this case, their sales agents should not speak on behalf of other providers. I was told that they felt that they were being honest and upfront. I explained that they should not speak on behalf of other providers as this is not correct. Either blame Sky OR align with them and take responsibility. You can’t have it both ways. After a 45 min conversation, the customer service agent asked to remain on the line. A while later he came back and said “ I have spoken to several people but because you are already signed up to a special offer, there is nothing we can do except to say sorry”. In disbelief, I asked “so if customers have signed up to a special offer, they have to just accept poor customer service?” I was told “your complaint is valid, we will take your feedback into account and feedback your concerns but we feel we have done nothing wrong and will not offer you anything but an apology”. What a joke!

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