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rachael willows's complaint against Plusnet

rachael willows


[LAPSED] we will take your money and make you wait longer then the date you picked

Complaint against Plusnet

I signed up for plusnet service at the beginning. Of may and paid £72 for the service to be installed. On the 28th may they offered a number of dates a d that was the date I picked .... We received a letter which had incorrect. Username and email address. On we only revived on the day of installation. Was due ... Still no router had been delivered. Either .. When I phone plusnet they told me there had been a problem. Processing my order no one had contacted me by phone or text as its states in the letter also they could only say sorry my partner had taken a day of work to be home for installation so we lost a days work money also plusnet customer. Care could only say sorry they said I could not speak to a manager but he could ... They would processes. My order manually ... But we would have to wait another 2weeks before our service would be provided ... That's a total of a month ... Waiting ... No money off was offered no quick services was offered all they kept saying was sorry they took £72 of my money gave me a date of installation. And no contact to say they would not be coming nothing ........ They said a manager will ring me back only to tell me the same thing ... I think its disgusting. That they can take my money promise me a date not contact me that there has been a problem. On the date we expect. Someone to arrive to install. Our service. We paid for 2weeks in advance. We get a letter with in correct information. On ... The plusnet customer service man ... Still did not ask for correct details ... Did not changed details ... I don't swear very often but he got me to the point. Of rage .. His tone was sarcastic. He refused to pass me on he offered. No reasonable solution no money bk . Nothing .. Untill I questioned it to which he offered broadband. Free for a month ... When I already have 12 months free I asked for the man name to which he gave me brain Carr .... I did manage to speak to and he told me they proceed it manually. He offered a £15 refund. And another month free he also told me the first adviser. I spoke to was called Jonny so to which I did tell the manager the guy told me his name was Brian Carr so he lied .... I am disgusted. With the customer service. .. Advicers and having to wait a month when we paid in advance for a 2week wait

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I'm really sorry to hear about these issues you faced. To help we'll need some details but don't put them on this thread, it's not private. You can call us on 0800 432 0200, 24 hours a day or visit to chat to us. To find out the right way to raise an official complaint visit I hope this helps and we can get this sorted. ^JT
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