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Gordon's complaint against Sky

Gordon Woollard


[LAPSED] best sports package for your business

Complaint against Sky

Sky Sports are advertising in the February addition of "Club Journal The magazine for all CIU members" to offer the "best package for your business" - a complete lie when you phone the advertised number (08448244746) there is only one package on offer which is the Sky ultimate package - entertainment, Formulae One racing, horse racing, WFi, rugby league, soccer, darts, and more. We are a sports club we only want rugby league but would have soccer as well if necessary. We do not want the rest. The advert is misleading and a lie.

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Lapsed. Gordon has not responded in 90 days

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If you have a complaint with a Sky Business product or service, please call us on 08442 411 111 and we will be happy to discuss further. If you'd prefer to chat online or email us visit our ‘Contact Us’ page . Do not share any account or personal details on any public forums.
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