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Lisa Faye's complaint against Sky

Lisa Faye stokes


[LAPSED] Charged for a subscription I cancelled 2 mths previous

Complaint against Sky

I cancelled sky box sets in feb 2017 ( I have email to prove it was cancelled) I was charged in March as had to give 30 days notice, I wasn't charged in April and it showed it was cancelled, I received my bill online in May with Box sets added back and a bill of £89, I rang sky and asked what was going on they offered me £12 as an apology but still tried to make me pay the £89, I asked why it had been added back and they told me I hadn't cancelled it, I was then told I added it back so I asked them to show me proof of how and when I asked for it back? I received nothing, I then had a letter from a debt collection company Advantis demanding payment, the woman was so rude I was gob smacked thar she was able to speak to someone like that, telling me I can't cancel as I'm in breach of contract when infact its sky that have breeched their contract by over charging and failing to provide evidence I asked for, I rang sky on 10th July asking to speak with a manager, I was told I would be called by 1 within 48hrs, that's a week ago and I've not heard anything from them. 1 I've never missed a payment so now my credit score will have gone down which I have worked hard to get up and 2 I'm now being harrasssed by Advantis for money I don't owe. Please can you help or advise Regards Lisa-faye stokes

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Lapsed. Lisa Faye has not responded in 90 days

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