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Leanne's complaint against Sky

Leanne Coupland


[LAPSED] Fluctuating, confusing monthly bills

Complaint against Sky

I have contacted Sky on multiple occassions, speaking to a range of different teams from Customer Service, Team Leaders and the Social Media team. None of these teams to date, have given what I would call satisfactory service levels. I have been contacting them as I am finding it incredibly difficult to understand my monthly bills, they can fluctuate from £30-£100 month to month, I do not use any additional services so I am completely baffled as to why this is happening. All sky have advised is to use the bill tracker on the app, which I have done and I cannot understand the information on there as there is nothing obvious to suggest why my bill is so high. I have complained on Facebook and Twitter and the responses I have received are vague, generic and unhelpful. I have also emailed the CEO of the company and as of yet I have had no response from them either. I have now lost all faith in Sky and would like to cancel my subscription, to which I was told I will need to pay in excess of £100!!! I cannot believe they would expect me to leave after the shocking service I have received, they have also never once offered to call me, I have had to make every contact with them. Please can someone help me resolve this issue I am now at the end of my tether and cannot think of what else I can do.

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Lapsed. Leanne has not responded in 90 days

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If you have a complaint with a Sky product or service, please call us on 03442 411 653 with your account details, we will be happy to discuss further. If you'd prefer to chat online visit our 'Contact Us' page Do not share any account or personal details on any public forums. For more information about how Sky handles complaints click here We look forward to hearing from
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