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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Sky

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[LAPSED] Lied to and was called not normal as have mental health by sky

Complaint against Sky

I have had 3 days of pure lies and no help from sky Derby unit and liver stone complaints team. I have requested all the calls recorded. Awaiting form sent yesterday. They took me to deadlock as wouldn't agree that £20 pounds vouchers for an outbound call centre in Derby for sky called Daniel offered me a £9 family bundle price then revived confirmation and lied he charged me £19.00 during the call I was suffering a mental breakdown and since the stress of speaking to the call centre people to correct this has called my illness to worsen. I told them this I suffer with anxiety adhd and scitzophrenic on talking to a manager Lucy mills I was told that I don't think like normal people as have a mental health problem. I was told that she was trying to keep calm with me, she denied and then agreed she had said things in a phone call was promised a call back today and they haven't so called living stone call centre they wouldn't speak to me as gone to deadlock they did this without asking me. I have requested all calls made to me since 5 may they all contradicted each other and have all proof on phone calls. They wouldn't tell me any details of head office and when I googled head office for sky I rang and was sent to a call enter in India the sky in Derby didn't have details of these calls but I do. I have write everything down took all names made notes in everything said. Please help me I suffer with serve mental health was just getting my life together again then sky deceived me and mocked my mental health. They also sent me an email saying I agreed to £10 line rental when I haven't and knew nothing of it. They need to be stopped as the concequences of there actions and words of mental health and lies made to me have contract to prove could be worst for someone else with mental health or elderly people being conned so they can make a sale. They won't help me one bit. My concern of mental health in companies as big as this needs to be dealt with with concern for there customers. I have all proof and calls recorded as I was conned then made to be told that I think differently to normal people as have mental health. It's so wrong and seriously should be taken further. I will not give up I want them to never con anyone into joining them again because they thought they would get away with it. Pls help I would also like to raise this with ofcom the head director of sky but no one knows his name who I have spoke to in sky which they should now. I am normal just do hurt they get away with this all the time and the effect they have had on my life as I have two children and other people who can't stand up for themselves and be fooled easily by them. Any help would be grateful. Kind regards.

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Lapsed. [User Deleted] has not responded in 90 days

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