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hawwa's complaint against Sky

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[LAPSED] nightmare !!!!

Complaint against Sky

I signed up to sky broadband in October 2015 (in Carphone Warehouse) I also signed up for ID mobile (which is another nightmare much worse than Sky) The initial service was ok but soon after installation the problems began when the broadband kept cutting off and I was unable to use the landline as it crackled and also 'cut out'. Nightmare 1. Trying to do internet banking or download important documents, even sending emails sure enough the broadband would 'go down'. Nightmare 2 Trying to get through to Sky at any time day or night then they would ask me to DIY testing unscrew this, move that to here, there etc. NO resolve......3 times this was done and 2 engineer visits NOTHING just pain pain pain...........even my poor grandaughter went through the whole testing thing whilst hanging on to the Sky representative using her mobile minutes lying on the floor in my hall. I travel and am away 2 - 3 months at a time so difficult to monitor and complain but sure enough when I returned in August same problems so I tried to cancel. NIGHTMARE 3 Have you tried cancelling a contract ????? they not interested in your reason, no apology, no offer of compensation no yes I will do that for you madam, no we will send you confirmation by email / post NO NO NO , Then nothing I never heard anythibg and they continued to take my direct debit. so I trued again yesterday and what happens when I tried to cancel ? " just stay on line for another hour we will pass you from one to another then next person will go through all the same corporate jargon" and insist on telling me that if I cancel I will not be able to make or receive calls WHAT am I really that stupid that I ask my phone to be cut off and still expect to use it !!!!! I am so upset I am getting on in age and can not deal with these things anymore please help all I want to do is cancel......if I can get some compensation

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